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We are excited to announce our 2023 wellness program! Each plan includes a thorough examination, essential vaccinations, motorized dentistry and a yearly fecal exam. Our senior/metabolic plan is ideal for yearly monitoring of horses that have previously been diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s Disease or Equine Metabolic Disease, as well as those that you’re concerned may have one or both of conditions. We also offer the option of adding on comprehensive blood work perfect for those horses on long term medications, for owners looking to establish a baseline reference, or for any horse showing any signs of poor health. These plans allow you to lock in discounted rates for preventative care services, ensuring your horse gets the best possible care throughout the year. Once enrolled and payment is received in full, services may be scheduled anytime during the 2023 year.

Pictured above is a chestnut horse in front of a green rustic barn.
Our Plans:
Comprehensive Plan:

This is the ideal plan for most horses. It includes a full physical exam, ophthalmic exam and nutritional consultation. Also included are essential vaccinations, one fecal egg exam, as well as an oral exam with routine motorized dentistry and sedation. Annual dental exams are extremely important for horses young and old to help ensure the animal’s comfort and performance. 

Senior/Metabolic Plan:

The Senior Plan includes everything from the Comprehensive Plan with additional bloodwork to screen/monitor for Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance. Please see terms and conditions #7 for additional information. 

Additional Benefits!


1. Oral Endoscopy Exams

All dental exam now include an optional oral endoscopy exam. Oral endoscopy uses a video camera to accurately diagnose cheek and tongue abrasions, fractured teeth, periodontal pockets, pulp exposure and other abnormalities. Clients are able see high quality images on an iPod Touch - no more looking in the mirror! ​

2. Discounted Blood Screening Tests

Routine Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Biochemistry profiles are now offered at a discounted price ($25 off!). All horses benefit from routine blood work, but especially those that are older, showing signs of weight loss, lethargy, changes in appetite or those that are on medication year round (such as Prascend, thyroid supplements or Equioxx). 

Also Included:

1. $10 Coupon per horse

Receive a $10 coupon good for anything except call fees. This coupon does not expire; you can collect them year to year with continuous enrollment in our wellness program.

2. Client Referral Program:
Word of mouth is so valuable to small businesses such as ours. Earn a $25 credit on account for every new client you refer to Mid Coast Equine as a token of our appreciation! 
3. Reduced Emergency Fee:

Wellness Program Members receive a reduced rate emergency fee of $100.

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