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Whether your horse is a pleasure horse, a performance athlete, or anything in between, lameness can affect their daily routine, performance, and overall quality of life. Dr. Daly has the experience and equipment to evaluate your horse, identify and manage the majority of problems, and recommend an effective treatment plan. 

Pictured above is hoof testers being used to detect soreness in an equine foot.

Every lameness exam begins with a thorough physical examination of your horse. Dr. Daly will carefully evaluate their joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, Your horse will be examined at rest and in motion. Flexion tests can be used to help determine if a particular joint is the source of pain. If necessary, Dr. Daly can also employ other diagnostics and imaging tests, such as regional nerve blocks and radiography (x-rays), to help localize the problem. Treatments may include joint injections, exercise modifications and collaboration with your farrier for corrective shoeing.

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