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Pictured above is a sorrel quarter horse wearing a western style halter.

Wellness Care

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Our Commitment

Mid Coast Equine is committed to preventing disease and common equine health problems by offering vaccinations, fecal egg counts and individual deworming programs, nutritional consultation, and dental care.

Pictured above is a close of a horse face.

An annual wellness exam is an excellent way to ensure your horse is in peak condition. In addition to assessing baseline health and making sure a horse is healthy enough for vaccination, Dr. Daly will check a horse's overall body condition, eyes, teeth, legs and overall soundness. Dr. Daly and the owner discuss dentistry, nutrition, parasite prevention, and behavior. She also addresses any issues that may have arisen in the last 12 months and helps prepare the horse for the year to come. The goal for everyone is to have a happy and healthy horse. A thorough annual wellness exam is a large part of that.


Additional preventative health services include coggins (EIA) testing, interstate and Canadian health certificates and insurance examinations.


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